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The land is mine, Lensky says
Gardner resident accused of claiming land by “adverse possession” says a quiet-title decree gives him every right to stake claim to his property

By Erin Prater
World Staff Writer

The land Gary Lensky is attempting to assume in Gardner is being claimed per Quiet-Title Decree 200700378723, and illegal activities are not taking place on his property, Lensky told the World in a Tuesday, Oct. 28 interview.

When asked his opinion of the petition filed by 43 area residents on Oct. 22 claiming that “a foreign Israeli corporation has invaded the area in an apparent effort to execute a land grab from local citizens in the Gardner area,” Lensky said he had not seen the petition.

But when read the first couple sentences of the petition, Lensky said claims made in the petition are false.

“It just sounds like total slander, libel or fabrication—one of the three,” he said.

Lensky said the quiet-title decree, which was originally granted in 2002 but amended in 2007 due to a clerical error, “says that everyone, even those who aren’t named in the decree, are forever enjoined from asserting any right or claim against this property.”

Additionally, Lensky said those who objected to the quiet-title decree had 90 days to voice their objections when the decree was first issued in 2002.

“No new claims have been staked out,” Lensky said. “(We were) merely putting steak posts in from (a survey performed in) 2002. We’ve (recently) put in some corner posts on property lines as defined by the quiet-title decree.”

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